"Brooke Davis touchingly and comically re-invented the autobiographical cabaret hour by appropriating mostly familiar songs in a partly new context...her set was a finely tuned (pun intended) flashback to an in-order rendering of the thirty years it took her to finally arrive in the big city to work. Her dream was deferred, but it was always there."

 Robert Windeler, Bistro Awards

Menopause the Musical

"Ms. Davis is like an alchemist’s combination of the dry humor and depth of Allison Janney; the bubbly warmth of Judy Kaye; the vaudevillian silliness of Jo Anne Worley; and the elegance and vulnerability of Barbara Harris. Her voice is a pure, youthful mezzo mix, which rises with ease to clear high notes, and becomes warm and clarinet-like in the low register." 

—Rob Hartmann, StageBuzz



Vanishing Point

"Brooke Davis as Aimee Semple McPherson cut a formidable figure as the evangelist, strong and assured. She was also excellent in scenes with the character's mother and other important figures in her life, demonstrating the public vs. private person. She was vocally strong." 

—William S. Oser, Talkin' Broadway



Menopause the Musical

"Davis is absolutely hilarious... a terrific voice... and broad comedy delivered by Davis (Earth Mother)."

—St. Louis Post-Dispatch



The Little Hours

"Davis excels as 'Diary'...offering a finely tuned contrasting performance..."

—The Star-Ledger



Beyond Therapy

"The exception is Brooke Davis as Charlotte, the hilariously over-the-edge therapist with a brain that frequently short-circuits ...Davis steals the show!"

—Arizona Daily Star



Mrs California

"And then there is Davis, who shines so brightly in the underwritten role of Mrs. Modesto. 'Mrs. California is never more winning than when Davis is front and center. Her bold, vulnerable performance is a beauty." 

—Arizona Daily Star